The Secret Worlds of Cats & Dogs -
Reprinted by Popular Demand!

What do dogs and cats really think about? The answers and much more will be revealed in The Secret Worlds of Cats & Dogs: Inside the Minds of Man's Best Friends. From the evolution of canines and felines to the history of their domestication, we'll explore the innate behaviors and responses that govern how dogs and cats relate to us and become our companions. You'll learn why the human-dog relationship is like that of a parent and child, why cats see us as bigger cats, and how these perceptions affect our interactions with our pets. We'll reveal what your pet is telling you with its body language, how a dog can detect one scent out of hundreds of simultaneous smells, and why cats can see in near-total darkness. You'll also discover the meanings behind barks and meows and other verbal and nonverbal behavior, along with personality profiles of the most popular dog and cat breeds.
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