The Best of Star Trek -
It's been a half-century since the crew of the USS Enterprise invited American TV viewers "to boldly go where no man has gone before." "Star Trek" debuted on September 8, 1966, with a multiracial mutli-ethnic crew -- including a half-human, half-alien 00 in one of the first science-fiction series ever to air on network TV. Although the show was canceled after 79 episodes, its popularity exploded through syndication. Today, millions of Trekkies worldwide attend annual conventions to talk about all things "Star Trek." There have been animated "Star Trek" shows - as well as new generations of starship travelers in later "Star Trek" spinoffs - and 13 feature films including the most recent, "Star Trek Beyond." The show's cult-like following has ensured that beloved characters such as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock will remain an indelible part of the American entertainment history for years to come. Delve deep into the "Star Trek" galaxy...exploring every facet of the phenomenon. Beam us up, Scotty..we're ready to blast off!
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