Marijuana 2.0

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Humans have been cultivating Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa - aka Marijuana - for centuries. The plant has been put to a myriad of uses: making rope and cloth, treating medical conditions, attaining spiritual awareness and getting the party started. But in recent years, attitudes to marijuana have undergone a profound change, as the plant has moved from the stigmatized underworld of illegal substances into acceptance by mainstream society. We are still in the midst of this transformation - one which has already proven to possess far-reaching cultural, economic, legal and sociological ramifications. Pot Power: The Complete Guide To America's Most Controversial and Fastest Growing Business tells the story of marijuana in all its varies and fascinating dimensions. Readers will learn its history - from ancient China, India and Egypt up to the present day. The biology of the plant and its affects will be explained, including a guide to the various strains available and their many uses. Incisive, easy-to-read passages will also explore marijuana as medicine and as a consumer product, the business of marijuana and both the political and legal aspects of its emergence from the shadows of myth, mystery and misunderstanding.