Perennial Garden Ideas - 2017 #221
They're the workhorses of the garden, returning year after year to bring color and texture to your yard. Perennials come in a vast array of shapes, shades and sizes and can offer interest throughout the year. This issue is filled with all the information you'll need to start and maintain the perfect perennial garden.
*What makes a plant a perennial? Which ones will work best in my yard? What care do they need? You'll find the answers to these and many more questions sprinkled throughout the pages of Perennial Garden Ideas.
*Discover the best plant bets for shady spots, wet areas and slopes; you can even choose ones that will attract butterflies and birds. Find out which plants work best together—and which pairings to avoid. Plus, learn how to add annuals to the mix for dramatic displays of four-season color.
*From roses to hostas, we profile the 13 most dependable perennials and spotlight the latest, greatest varieties of each so you can make your garden grow, affordably, year in and year out.
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