Easy Herb Gardening - 2017 #114
Whether your experience with herbs is as simple as drying lavender for a sachet or as involved as growing a culinary garden, Easy Herb Gardening will be your go-to guide to getting the most from herbs and making them a part of your everyday life. 
*Beginners will learn herb basics and how to grow them. We've also included an encyclopedia of the most popular culinary and crafting herbs for easy reference.
*Plant an herb garden using one of our easy-to-follow designs. You'll find options for planting in single containers and small-space plots or learn how to incorporate them into your flower beds. 
*Discover new recipes for herbal smoothies, teas, pestos and even cocktails to make meals more special. And if you haven’t had time for a spa day, create one at home with our simple instructions for bath salts, hair rinses and sugar scrubs. 
Price: $9.95