Angels & Saints -
We evoke their names in prayer and call out to them in our time of need, but who are these wondrous intermediaries between Heaven and Earth? In this uplifting and entertaining special, ANGELS & SAINTS: Messengers of God, we tell the entire story of these spiritual giants, from their Biblical origins to their surprising roles in our everyday lives.
In addition to brilliant essays on their origins, differences and functions, we will share how these figures of faith have inspired millions with their good works and miraculous deeds. Discover the Seven Archangels and their special relationship with God and man, and thrill to the extraordinary stories of saints born right here in the United States. Additionally, let us introduce you to the surprising list of Patron Saints, including those that oversee the Internet (St. Isidore), cats (St. Gertrude of Nivelles) and even beer (St. Arnold)!
Filled with incredible art and fresh insights, the 100-page, glossy ANGELS & SAINTS: Messengers of God, will fascinate believers and non-believers, alike, and give them new appreciation for these embodiments of peace, purity and goodness. 

Price: $12.99