Small Gardens - 2018 #205
In a small garden, size doesn’t matter—but what you do with it does! Whether your plot is a front or back yard, small patch or even smaller patio, the most compact outdoor space can be transformed into your very own mini-Eden. Check out at our planting and landscaping guides plus see how talented homeowners maximized their limited space, time and budgets. Also:
 • Keep it simple with containers—create a lush look with annuals, perennials or a blend.
 • Take a cue from down under; a family-friendly yard can be a water-wise oasis.
 • Climb the walls with a vertical garden to max out unused space with a new perspective.
 • Plan a movie night with friends and have your own intimate film festival under the stars.
Even if you make just one change in your tiny garden, little things mean a lot!

Price: $9.95