Secrets to a Happy Marriage -
Secrets of a Happy Marriage is a practical guide to joys and challenges of married life. You’ll learn the latest science, and hear from leading experts on topics such as sex, wedding planning, parenting, healing broken marriages and dealing with issues like financial troubles, infidelity, family pressures, divorce and remarriage.   Can a marriage last a lifetime? Definitely. But it takes work to make that happen. Both love and marriage are living things that grow and evolve over time. And living things need to be tended, nurtured and nourished. For this, good marriage skills are necessary. No two marriages are alike. But there are phases, milestones and pitfalls that are common to most. Knowing the terrain and having a map can help you manage marriage’s trickier passages.   Whether you’re, engaged, a newlywed, working through a rough passage, starting a new relationship or thinking about it, Secrets of a Happy Marriage was written just for you. 
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