The Ultimate Guide to UFOs & Aliens -
Is Earth being visited by aliens? In The Ultimate Guide to UFOs & Aliens, we examine the most compelling encounters that confirm extraterrestrials are here. Compiled from witness testimonies and unsealed classified files, these 25 case studies explore incidents in remote rural areas, major cities and even U.S. military bases where inexplicable UFO sightings and alleged alien abductions took place. You’ll learn about the military’s 1942 battle with a mysterious craft over Los Angeles, a spaceship that communicated a digitally coded message to a U.S. Air Force sergeant, and bizarre lights that flew for hours over Phoenix and were seen by thousands, including the state’s governor and a major movie star. We also uncover Earth’s history with UFOs dating from prehistoric times to the present, and reveal the five reasons aliens are here. Plus, you’ll get the truth about the government’s role in the UFO phenomenon. Is the military covering up its knowledge of extraterrestrial visitations and possibly even colluding with aliens on everything from space technology to the creation of a human-alien hybrid? Find out in The Big Book of UFOs.
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