Hair Preview - Spring 2018 #92
Spring signals a new beginning, making it the perfect time to give your style a fresh start—and there's no better place to begin than with Hair Preview – Spring 2018! It’s packed with 235+ ways to reinvent (or revive) your look, plus…
• Winter-to-spring transition tips: Learn how to hydrate dry hair and banish pesky frizz and flyaway.
 • Check out our guide to coloring with one of the trendy, wild hues, like brazen blue. Can your hair (and wallet) handle it?
 • Go behind the scenes as stylists share what they do on the daily to maintain their own manes.
 • What’s your tress trouble? These products may be the solution to your worst hair woes.
 • It’s prom season! Save cash and impress your friends with DIY looks created by a beauty queen pro.

Price: $9.95