Hair Show - 2018 #65
Plan on spending more time outdoors now that the days are longer and the sun is shining? What better reason to show off your mane? This issue of HairShow is brimming with 350+ new cut and color options, plus…

• An outdoor girl’s guide to protecting locks from harmful UV rays, chlorine and salt water
• Is your stylist right for you? These warning signs might make you reconsider your hair pro
• A curl survival strategy for women who want to flaunt what Mother Nature gave them (without the frizz)
• Go on a no-heat hair diet with six quick and easy styling tricks. These looks are all about the air-dry!
• New to hair dye? Find out the best technique for testing out the hair color waters
• Three sexy, personalized bridal hairstyles, plus why you should see your stylist the night before the big day

Price: $9.95