Classic Home Gardens - 2018 #209
As anyone who’s ever put shovel to soil will tell you, a garden is always a work in progress. But years of trial and error pay off in a lush landscape that thrives year after year, and we’ve filled this debut issue of Classic Home Gardens with 15 incredible yards that prove the point, beautifully. Take a trip with us across the country and tour: 
•           the Cape Cod sanctuary whose sweeping seaside vista is accented with mounds of fragrant lavender and a delightful herb and vegetable garden.
 •           the tropical oasis—in Colorado!—housed in over 450 containers that burst with color and interest. 
 •           the tiny urban plot that lives gracefully large as a secret city oasis.
 •           the wild natural beauty composed of native stones, perennials, trees and shrubs in a garden that  practically takes care of itself. 
•           the most prolific rose garden to have started with just three iceberg varieties (you get a hint of it on our cover!).

Along the way, we share tips on how to plant a low-maintenance landscape that stands the test of time and update you on the latest in plantables at the market this spring. Plus, we round up must-visit flower shows and events this spring in some of North America’s best botanical gardens. Go ahead—dig in!

Price: $12.95