Lake Cottages - 2018 #122
Who hasn’t imagined the warmth of the summer sun through a screened-in porch, the old-fashioned fun of big family sleepovers, the languid luxury of reading a book from the comfort of a well-worn hammock? Whether you’re lucky enough to have a cottage of your own or you just want to bring a bit of lakeside spirit to your home, in Lake Cottages you’ll visit 15 inspirational yet accessible sites, including:

• A red, white and blue Georgia retreat that’s brimming with starry pillows, striped sofas and folksy found art.
•  A Lake Michigan cottage so close to the water, it’s as if its sailcloth-slipcovered armchairs, weathered white wicker chairs and driftwood wall decor blew in on a gust of wind from the beach.
• A luxe New Hampshire lodge from 1898, now fully renovated, swathed in cozy plaids and adorned with an impressive collection of contemporary art.
• A legendary Wisconsin resort that combines classic campground wares (a bearskin rug, a chandelier crafted from antlers) with such retro midcentury furnishings as a bona fide 1950s tiki bar.
• A country home in Arkansas, with views of both Heber Springs and beautiful Sugarloaf Mountain, that’s rich in timber and wrought iron and warmed by an impressive brickwork patio hearth.

Plus check out 40 budget-friendly accessories that will fill your rooms with the relaxed character of a lakefront escape.

Price: $10.95