Vintage Style - 2018 #124
Vintage Style celebrates the character and liveliness that time-honored objects bring to our homes. In this issue, discover how old can live happily with new to create interesting, personalized decor with a fresh, modern function. Here’s what else you’ll find: 
• A Kentucky homeowner with DIY in her DNA whose ranch house is an enchanting and joyful mix of color and texture. 
 • Traditional folk art crafts that enhance modern settings with their timeless beauty. 
 • Easy-make projects to freshen up your living space in just an afternoon. 
 • Whether you’re an armchair traveler or planning your next road trip, check out our guide to Stillwater, Minnesota and enjoy its scenic beauty, historic architecture and bountiful shopping.  
 • A garden of earthly delights where much-loved treasures and a thriving landscape coexist happily together. 

Price: $10.95