Hair Show - Winter 2019 #67
Don’t let cold air, wind and rain dash your hopes of a fashionable haircut this season. This issue of HairShow features 100s of options that will have you looking and feeling wonderful despite the weather outside.
• Learn how to master a perfect special-occasion updo at home.
 • Trouble with tangles? A Beverly Hills pro explains how to sort out a hairy mess so you can live a knot-free life!
 • Holiday stressors can lead to breakouts, dark circles, puffy eyes and more, but our beauty solutions will help you survive—and thrive!
  • Try six inventive new ways to use dry shampoo—yup, there’s more to this industry fave than a quick refresh between washes. 
 • Wow the beauty junkies in your life with our gift guide, packed with fun finds for every budget.

Price: $9.95