Short Hair Style Guide - Winter 2019 #95

It may be cold outside, but that’s no reason to hibernate. This issue features 100s of stylish cut and color options just in time for the holidays! And that's only the beginning...
• Curious about the “it” cut of 2019? It’s the shag, baby! We tell how to nail the look everyone’s after, no matter your hair type.
• 'Tis the season to shop! Pay it forward by purchasing beauty gifs that give back to charitable causes.
•  Discover the 5 major hairstyling mistakes that are aging you unnecessarily (and learn 3 easy tweaks to turn back the clock!).
• Are you one of the many consumers who are calling for vegan products that limit the use of chemicals? Find out how to shop for more natural offerings with our easy guide. 

Price: $9.95