Small Space Gardens - 2019 #242
You’d never guess that the meandering, plant-filled oasis on our cover was a standard patch of yard in its former life. And guess what? It was overhauled by a novice gardener. Whether you tend your own compact plot or want to create one, the 2019 edition of Small Space Gardens will inspire and delight with new plant ideas, projects and solutions for even the tiniest garden dilemma. Here’s what’s on offer: 
• See how minimal changes make a maximum impact in a re-imagined steep backyard that now boasts a small deck expansion, a retaining wall garden, stone path, patio and fountain…all done for under $2000!
 • Visit a serene scene in a skinny backyard that’s been revamped with a series of terraces. 
 • Become color conscious with 10 visual tricks that bring vibrant life, pattern and texture to a small garden. 
 • If you love the water, but don’t live near it, take a cue from the Midwest couple who added a deepwater pond to a standard back yard. 
 • Discover how materials unearthed from the land became building blocks for a pocket garden made complete with living walls.
And why not try your hand at easy-make projects like a pallet garden tool organizer or a succulent tin? Or craft your own water feature like the pint-size pond you’ll see on our last page. 

Price: $9.95