Flea Market Style - Mar/Apr 2019 #218

Fun, fresh and packed with helpful ideas and tips. That’s the best way to describe the March/April 2019 issue of Flea Market Style magazine. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in this must-see issue!  

  • Editor in Chief Ki Nassauer opens the door to her funtastic, junktastic home. See how she puts all those scavenged treasures to use! Our other homes are equally fascinating. Among them: a New York shop owner’s maximalist masculine style (think vintage taxidermy and medical illustrations) and a colorful Illinois family home where kids and parents dance under a ‘70s disco ball.
  • We can’t get enough of old trophies, especially ones bestowing quirky titles. Readers who can’t resist the thrill of the hunt chimed in on what they think they’d win trophies for. Check out their clever answers—and see what future question we’re inviting you to answer!
  • Get crafty! You’ll love our eight easy ideas for using patches from old work uniforms. Also: turn vintage hat stands into photo holders and create fun plant containers by upcycling everything from old perm rods to paintings.
  • To the rescue: Tricks and tips for getting yucky, gunky sticker residue off bargain finds. Plus: Learn why a multi-tool is a must-have for flea marketing. 
  • Collecting glass pieces just got a little easier with our guide (and tricks) for telling the different types. In another collecting story, we take a look at those handy little recipe pamphlets from the past. 
  • As always, have fun guessing the UFOs (that’s Flea Market Style lingo for unidentified flea objects), meet our Vintage Crushes and check out our state-by-state list of flea markets.


Price: $9.95