Cottage Style - Mar/Apr 2019
There’s nothing like the promise of spring: Whether you paper a wall in a bright botanical print or plan a perennial patch for your yard, that urge for colorful, indoor-outdoor living is the connecting thread that runs through the latest issue of Cottage Style. 
• Love the shed on the cover? It’s actually made from a big-box store kit. See how the homeowner transformed it into a charming cottage-style escape in her Utah backyard. 
 • Try your hand at some easy spruce-ups to refresh rooms in a weekend or less. 
 • Re-imagine a compact outdoor space with a container garden—pots are easy to plant and you can swap them out as you like. 
 • Learn how to turn your yard into a vision of classic country charm with the basic elements of a cottage garden. 
 • Indulge your inner child by venturing into a dreamy grownup treehouse!
 • Set up an outdoor space with comforts that invite you to linger longer—we’ll show you how. 
Plus, see how to set up the perfect year-round sunporch, shop products that bring the outside in and learn how to make your own lovely hanging garden with living succulents. 
Price: $10.95