Harris Farmer's Almanac - 2020
From long-range weather forecasts to helpful planting and fishing guides to fun and folksy stories that’ll put a smile on your face, there’s lots to learn and love in the 2020 edition of Harris Farmer’s Almanac. 
  • Turn the clock back 100 years and revisit The Jazz Age, a decade when the stock market went from booming to bust, Americans turned car-crazy, radios were all the rage and prohibition gave birth to the speakeasy.
  • Learn how Louisiana famously celebrates Mardi Gras and start your own tradition with super-simple recipes for King Cake and classic Chicken Gumbo.
  •  Ace your next trivia night by learning which states have had more than one capital city. And in the believe-it-or-not category, did you know that kids were once traveled via parcel post? 
  •  Celebrate Earth Day’s 50thbirthday, read how a letter from mother to son changed the fate of the 19thAmendment and discover the high-tech materials behind new fishing lines every angler should know.
  •  In praise of the peach, learn which varieties are best to grow, and try classic seasonal recipes.

Price: $6.50