Flea Market Style - Sept/Oct 2019 #223

Fun, fresh and packed with helpful ideas and tips. That’s the best way to describe the September/October 2019 issue of Flea Market Style magazine. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in this issue:

  • Editor in chief Ki Nassauer takes a spin through her Junk Bonanza show and doles out tips for making the most of any hunt. Plus: Readers chime in on the junking lessons they’ve learned over the years.
  • Wondering how vintage lovers like you decorate their homes? Four homeowners open their doors for a tour. Plus: Get inspired by a yard beautified by scavenged treasures. 
  • Savor the glorious weather and colors of autumn with an old-school picnic. Our preferred mode of transportation: bicycles!
  • The so-called “laundry evangelist” has plenty of tricks up his sleeve for removing the yellow, yuck and odors from vintage fabrics. (One involves vodka!) 
  • Get crafty with these easy ideas for repurposing antiquated office supplies into handy household items, including a stand for hands-free Face Timing.
  • As always, have fun guessing the UFOs (that’s Flea Market Style lingo for unidentified flea objects), meet our Vintage Crushes, find out what’s hot in the vintage world and check out our state-by-state list of flea markets.


Price: $10.95