The Royals - 100 Things You Didn't Know
Royal. Even the word conjures up centuries-old traditions and a unique brand of etiquette. In generations past, all of the formality has sometimes made the Britain’s royal family seem elitist and impossibly stiff. Not anymore! New marriages, new babies, new customs—they’ve all changed the family and its traditions in refreshing ways. In this special edition, the PARADE magazine team of royal watchers serves up 100 things you didn’t know about the royal family, from their horoscopes and their food loves and hates (no garlic!) to their darling dogs and fashion favorites. Plus, THE ROYALS takes a look back at the weddings of Princess Di and Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate and Prince Harry and Meghan, checks out Queen Elizabeth II’s royal obsession with hats and reviews the films and shows that have tried to tell their royal stories. 
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