The New Pioneer - Winter 2020
In this issue of The New Pioneer, we spell out the nitty-gritty about country life—the bad as well as the good, and tell those of you who dream about leaving the urban rat race how to go about finding the right location and avoid the pitfalls strewn along those pretty country roads.

  • Maine’s Oyster Lady - The world is Abigail Carrol’s oyster after she ditched day-trading in Paris
  • Rural Reality Check  - Rx for making the most of the good times—and coping with the not-so-good
  • Country Bound - So you want to ditch city life? First, pinpoint the location that’s right for you
  • Downsizing In Style - Randy Jones is on a mission: to build attractive, affordable and efficient tiny homes
  • Homestead Seed Biz - An heirloom Hopi squash provided the inspiration for Seed Treasures
  • Feathers IQ - They do a lot more for your chickens than give them color 
  • Get Wild About Rice - A primer on harvesting your own rice for food and a lot of good eating
  • Gourdgeous Creations - In Linda Havner’s skilled hands, gourds from her garden become works of art
  • Firewood Cut & Dried - Tips for managing your wood heating system for maximum efficiency
  • Prep For Old Man Winter  - Don’t be left out in the cold! Make and hit a solid Fall Panic List to be battle-ready
  • Coyote Control - Unlike the cartoon character, they are truly wily

Price: $9.95