Survivor's Edge - Jan. / Feb. 2020

The January/February 2020 issue pays homage to Grant Wood and his 1930 painting American Gothic. We’re giving you our depiction of the pioneering spirit of survivors and preppers in the Atomic Age. Set against a backdrop of looming reactor cooling towers and juxtaposed by a peaceful field of poppies, our Ms. Graham and Dr. McKeeby are ready for nuclear winter.

Are you?

The ARkStorm Cometh - Is a Mega Atmospheric River Storm on Its Way?

Survival Spycraft - Spy vs. Spy: When Rambo Meets Q

Jill of All Trades - In-Depth Interview with Survivalist Laura Zerra

What is Disease X? - Is a Global Pandemic on the Horizon?

Simplicity = Reliability - Five Easy-Build Tarp Shelters

Make It Ultralight- Learning from the Ultralight Backpacking Community

Look, Listen, and Learn - Using All of Your Senses to Survive

Taste Testing - Putting Emergency Food to the Test

Rides: Project BOV Buildup - Part I: Transportation and Storage

Somewhere Out There - Off-Grid Comms with a Satellite Hotspot

Price: $9.95