The New Pioneer - Spring 2020

Spring Into Action!

Spring is the season for making winter dreams come true. This issue is packed with food for thought (and delicious recipes) to help you plan your spring garden, as well as examples of the way people throughout this country are revitalizing the towns and rural communities where they live in ways that benefit both their fellow citizens and the environment by working with Nature,not against it.

A Chef’s Secret Let biodynamic farmer Eric Skokan show you the ropes for growing tasty, healthy food.

Grassroots Investing Woody Tasch’s novel approach to local financing is a sustainable food boon to all

Good Fences Make Great Gardens Durable, easy-to-handle and cost-effective plastic fences to keep critters out

DIY Forestry  What the pros call “disturbance” is the key to healthy trees and habitat for wildlife

Gardening Freebies If you know where to look, all the supplies you need are out there for little or no cost

Home & Garden Hacks Nine ways to make your garden grow and your outdoor adventures more enjoyable

A Rooster Primer Tips on raising these valuable (yes, valuable) birds

Have Bees, Will Travel Meet three big-rig beekeepers who ensure that important crops get pollinated

Heat Up, Cost Down Installing a Wi-Fi thermostat is an easy way to reduce your electric bill.

Pop-Up Pasta Boutique A Missouri couple use their noodles to craft a tasty business

Woodcarver’s Woodshop Here’s a great project for newbies—a storage box your family will treasure

Forge An Egg Spoon This $280 utensil started a culinary war, but you can make your own egg-ceptional one for a few bucks

Garden Gun Henry’s new lever-action .22 is ready to defend your veggies and shrubs

Price: $10.95