Harris' Farmers Almanac - 2021

The 2021 edition of the Harris Farmer’s Almanac is here! This issue was tailor-made to help people through tough times, now more than ever. If you’ve been cooped up at home and turned to baking to help fill your time, pastry chef Marianne McNamee is giving you insider tips to mixing and kneading dough. If gardening has been your new salvation, author Rita Vail covers various aspects including low-cost DIY projects to make a plot of ground more productive, regardless of its size.

With so much more to learn from this issue, this is your one stop source to stay informed, entertained, and prepared during the coming year.

Planting – Farm Dates And Garden Tips

Weather – Long-Range Forecasts

Zodiac – Sun Signs Of The Zodiac

Astronomy – Skywatching in 2021

Calendars – Notable Days For 2021

Ode To Baking – A pastry chef explains why baking gives us a sense of well-being when times are tough

A Windowsill Herb Garden – Grow your favorites indoors so you can harvest them fresh throughout the year

Lightning’s Many Facets – The damage it can cause may surprise you

Skipping Stones – An irresistible pastime spins into a sport

Meet Martin “Farmer” Burns – The grandfather of professional wrestling was both entertainer and superb athlete

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