Survivor's Edge - Fall 2020

The first half of 2020 has been one for the record books.

With the constant fear of contracting COVID-19, continued efforts to keep family and close ones safe, and the threat of riots, violence, and just general uncertainty it’s clear to see how important staying one step ahead of the chaos is.

That’s why we’ve packed the Fall 2020 issue with everything you need to know in case we have yet to see the worst of 2020. Dr. Joe Alton is teaching you the importance of Do-It-Yourself Dentistry, what to do when you break a bone and help is far away, David Bahde gives you the details on a DIY Glock 20 build, and Cat Cabrera lets you know how to use situational awareness to stay safe.

There’s no telling what the rest of the year has in store for us. Let the Fall 2020 issue of Survivor’s Edge better prepare you for it.

The Minimalist Survival Rifle – Savage Arms .22 LR

Prepper’s Revenge – We Told You So!

Predator-Defense Perfection – A DIY Glock 20 Build

Steampunk Bolt Thrower – Air Venturi’s Sen-X Crossbow

Multi-Cal Insurance – Windham Weaponry’s MCS Bug-Out Bag

Breaking Free – Handy Hostage Escape Techniques

Quakes, Shakes, and Tremblors – The Emergency Prep Guide to Earthquakes

Setting a Fracture – What to Do When Bones Break

Tasmanian Tiger – A Tactical but Covert Urban Pack

Easy Sparks – Lightning Strike’s Fire Starters

Price: $9.95