The New Pioneer - Spring 2021

As we all look forward to the spring season and fulfilling our dreams for 2021, it’s hard not to reflect on what it took many of us to get through 2020. For our Spring 2021 issue we wanted to share the story of some individuals that our readers could identify with and would enjoy reading about how they achieved their goals this past chaotic year while picking up some useful information as well.

In this issue, author Wayne Williams teaches you how to revitalize your blueberry patch to pay off fruitful rewards, Amy Grisak helps you save time and your back with a super-handy garden gadget, Darron McDougal helps you turn someone else’s junk into extra cash, Dave Boyt show you how to make your own replacement handles for your well-used tools, and contributor Carrie Miller sits down with Ohio’s own Floyd and Amy Davis and gets them to reveal their secrets to success.

Make sure to capture your own spirit of spring and purchase your copy today!

HOME & GARDEN HACKS – Springtime tips and tricks to ring in the new year

GROWING GAINS – Get inspired by the 20-something Shockeys as they pursue their family-farm dreams

PARSLEY POINTERS – 2021’s Herb of the Year is a must-have in your home garden

BACKYARD KITCHEN GARDENS – Even in a small space you can grow enough to feed a family of four

WANDERING ROOTS – Get inspired by Anna and Jeff Boesch who are living their truck-gardening dream

DIY BREAD PEEL – The baking season is upon us, so arm yourself with this handmade bread tool

MEET THE ALE APOTHECARY – For Paul Arney, great beer is place-based and completely natural

HALF-ACRE MINI FARMIN’ – Real-world lessons that prove you can have your very own slice of sustainability

GET BEESY WITH IT! – How to raise bees for fun, honey and a bit o’money

BECOMING A FARRIER – If you like horses, here’s a shoo-in of a way to earn a living as a foot soldier

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