American Frontiersman - Summer 2021

Welcome to the summer 2021 “trailblazer” edition of American Frontiersman magazine! To set the tone for this issue we called upon artist Michael Haynes and his truly fantastic rendition of “George Drouillard.” Hired on as an interpreter at Ft. Massac in 1803, George Drouillard proved to be one of the most trusted and valuable members of the expedition. An excellent marksman, much of his time was spent hunting. He also seemed to have an uncanny knack for being involved in many of the more adventurous and significant moments of the trek. It’s clear that Mr. Drouillard embodies the spirit of the frontiersman in each and every one of us.

For the DIYer, this issue is packed with goodness including: leather gun scabbard and pancake knife sheath, bushcrafting fish/frog gigs, and Thomas Ray shows you how to forge your very own native-style crooked knife.

Survivalists are covered with a how-tos including building a Mors Kochanski-style super shelter and J. Wayne Fears guides you in creating the 2-pound survival kit. And frontiersman have to eat, so check out Jill Easton’s piece on catching and cooking crawfish! And speaking of tasty eats, we’re giving you a complete guide to canning wild game for long-term eats.

There’s also primitive and modern firepower coverage aplenty! So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today.

GEORGE DROUILLARD HUNTER, INTERPRETER & SCOUT – Meet the mountain man who was an MVP of the Corps of Discovery

SMOKY MOUNTAIN KNIFE WORKS – Road trip it to Tennessee for frontier-grade blades, guns and accoutrements

PRIMITIVE PROVING GROUNDS – Putting the AA Forge Mini Kephart to the test by bushcrafting a frog/fish gig

PANCAKE REVIVAL – Create this functional sheath for your fixed-blade knife

GEAR BAG – A collection of new and noteworthy trail goodies

THE 2021 BLACKPOWDER MARKET – A sweet 16 roundup of new guns and ammo for “primitive arms” fans

SMOOTHBORE SHOOTOUT – Were flintlock smoothbores really unable to hit the side of a barn?

THE HORACE KEPHART SPECTRUM – The Dean of American Camping has a background as diverse as his skill set

TRIGGER LINE TIME – This simple set will reliably fill your frying pan in a backwoods survival situation

MODERN MOUNTAIN MAN’S JOURNEY – Get inspired by David Brock and his well-lived outdoor life

Price: $10.95